How to Trigger a Traffic Light with your Bicycle

A while back our friends at Momentum Mag posted an informative video on how to trigger a traffic light on your bike. We'd like to share this powerful piece of knowledge with you! No more waiting around for your beard to grow at red lights. Enjoy :)

Budd Makes it into the Bike Month Edition of CN&R!

May is made for celebrating bikes and bike culture. So, the Chico News & Review decided to get the scoop on our owner, Budd's, first bicycle.

"My first bike/Budd Schwab"



"It was a Schwinn Continental. I was making C’s and D’s in school, and my parents said if I got A’s and B’s and washed the dishes every night for a year, they’d buy me a bike. I had the cleanest hands in school [laughs]. The Continental was the best bike on the Schwinn dealer’s floor. I was in eighth grade at the time, and we’d just moved to California from Kentucky, where nobody rode bikes."

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James Makes it into the Bike Month Edition of CN&R!

Since May is Bike Month, who better that our mechanic, James, to share a few words with the people of Chico News and Review regarding bike theft,

"Jim Vandewalle has worked as a bike mechanic for more than 30 years, a majority of that time at downtown’s Campus Bikes on Main Street. He is very familiar with the local bike culture, the good and the bad.


Why is Chico so vulnerable to bike theft?

“I think any college town is probably pretty fair game just because of the way college towns attract nice bicycles and thieves,” he said.

From what he’s observed and heard over the years, theft is more often a crime of chance rather than the lure of an expensive bike.

“It seems like mostly it’s a crime of opportunity,” Vandewalle said. “Most people who have nicer bikes also can afford a place to store them. Most bikes that are stolen, unfortunately, are the work-horse riders that some people use every day.”"

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Chico Velo Cycling Club

Our local cycling club, Chico Velo, sponsors an excellent series of rides throughout the year, including the famous Chico Wildflower (a Bicycling Magazine Top Ten Century!).

Campus Bicycles proudly supports Chico Velo and invites you to visit their website for information and registration forms for any of the upcoming rides. The club's site also has descriptions of popular local riding routes with maps.

Click Here to visit Chico Velo


Chico Area Bike Maps


Butte County has good terrain for all types of cycling - flat areas for commuting and leisure riding, as well as challenging foothills and mountainous rides.

Chico Area Bike Map

 - Completed in June 2008. The maps are currently available at each local bicycle shop, the university, and the BCAG office.


Feel free to check out the helpful links below :)

Photos provided by the

Butte County Association of Governments